Week 2 June: The Blackbird

Week 2 June: The Blackbird

The Blackbird

The Blackbird can be seen in our gardens and school grounds all year round. The adult male has a glossy black plumage and an orange and yellow bill and eye ring. The adult female has a brown body and a rusty-red breast. Her beak is a dark colour. Juvenile Blackbirds are red and brown in colour like the female but have fewer spots.

What do Blackbirds eat?

Diet: Insects, seeds, berries, grain and fruit.

Blackbirds feed on insects and earthworms taken from the ground. In the autumn they will spend much time eating fallen apples and pears and other fruits. Frequent visitors to our gardens they will eat food sprinkled on the ground and sultanas, raisins, and kitchen scraps put out on bird tables.

What do birds eat? The Blackbird


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