September Week 2 The Dunnock

September Week 2 The Dunnock

The Dunnock

The Dunnock is a small brown and grey bird. It can be seen in the United Kingdom all year round. The male and female are very alike, though the female is a little less colourful.  Juveniles do not have grey markings on their head and chest, instead they have brown streaks. The nest is built by the female in dense shrubs and hedges. The cup shaped nest is lined with moss and hair, and built from twigs and moss.

What does The Dunnock eat?

Diet: Insects, spiders, worms and seeds.

The Dunnock is a ground feeder that feeds on insects, such as beetles, ants and spiders which it finds among the leaf litter and plant roots. In the autumn and winter when there is little food on the ground they will also eat seeds and berries.

What do birds eat? The Dunnock

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