Week 3 August The Magpie

Week 3 August The Magpie

The Magpie

The Magpie is a member of the Crow family. Its head, breast and back are black, while the shoulders, stomach and sides are white. The most beautiful parts of this bird are its wings and long tail feathers which shine in the light and are a mix of black, bright blue, green and purple. Juvenile Magpies have much shorter tails than their parents, the white of the plumage is dirtier, and the black is less glossy. A pair of Magpies will build their nest in a large tree using small branches and twigs, and line it with mud and vegetation.

What do Magpies eat?

Diet: Invertebrates, fruit, berries and grain.

Magpies have a strong bill with a sharp cutting edge, which can be used for cutting flesh, digging up invertebrates, or picking fruit. Their main diet in summer is grassland invertebrates, such as beetles, flies, caterpillars, spiders, worms and leatherjackets.  In winter, they eat more plant material, such as wild fruits, berries and grains, with household scraps and food scavenged from bird tables or chicken runs.

What do birds eat? The Magpie

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