What do birds eat: The Wood Pigeon

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What do birds eat: The Wood Pigeon

The Wood Pigeon

The Wood Pigeon is the largest Pigeon in the British Isles. The Wood Pigeon is grey with a pinkish breast and green, white and purple patches on its neck. Juvenile Wood Pigeons are brown and do not have the white patch on the neck. Its nest is a platform made from twigs and built by both sexes in a tree or on a building.

What do Wood Pigeons eat?

Diet: seeds, grain and crops, cabbages, sprouts, peas, nuts and berries.

Wood Pigeons eat grain and seed but will eat most food that is put out on a bird table. They also drink a lot of water so please position a bird table nearby. Wood Pigeons need water because they do not search for and eat mealworms found in the damp soil (a good supply of nutrients) like other birds.

What do birds eat? The Woodpigeon

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