Premier Wild food bird mix


  •  500 grams raw peanuts
  • 500 grams sunflower seeds, striped with hulls on
  • 500 grams cracked corn
  • 500 grams black oil sunflower seeds, with hulls on
  • 1 small carton live mealworms
  • 500 grams dark raisins, dried apples or other types of dry fruits


How to make it!

This is another amazing bird food recipe that you can easily make at home using simple ingredients. It is a bird food variety which your birds will totally go crazy over and will enjoy.

  • Take a metal container which has a tight lid on it.
  • In the container, add peanuts, dried fruits, sunflower seeds, black oil sunflower seeds as well as the cracked corn and mix well after putting the lid on.
  • Now store this mixture in a cool and dry place.
  • While serving in the birdfeeder, add the live mealworms on top and see the birds go crazy!

Premier Wild Food Bird Mix