Week 4 August The Greenfinch

Week 4 August The Greenfinch

The Greenfinch

The Greenfinch with its forked tail is about the size of a Great Tit. The adult male is mostly olive-green except for yellow markings on its outer wing and tail feathers while the adult female has a grey-brown body and fewer yellow markings on the wings and tail than the male. Greenfinches nest in colonies in dense shrubs. The nests are made from twigs and grass, and lined with fine roots and hair.

What do Greenfinches eat?

Diet: Seeds (rosehip), insects, brambles, buds and berries.

Greenfinches visit bird tables for seed, but are increasingly happy to perch on hanging feeders containing peanuts or black sunflower seeds. If a feeder contains a seed mix, they will often throw all the other seeds on to the floor so as to get the black sunflower seeds.

What do birds eat? The Greenfinch

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