Week 4 July: The Chaffinch

Week 4 July: The Chaffinch

The Chaffinch

The chaffinch is one of our most common species of bird here in the United Kingdom. It can be seen in southern, central and eastern England, and on upland edges in northern England and Scotland. The male chaffinch has a blue-grey cap, pink cheeks and breast and a reddish-brown mantle. Females and juveniles are less brightly coloured. The top part of their body is grey and brown and the lower part greyish and white.

What do Chaffinches eat?

Diet: Mainly seeds, also consumes fruit and sometimes invertebrates.

Young Chaffinches eat caterpillars and other live foods but adults choose seeds, fruits, berries, grains, millet, suet, peanut kernels and even apple slices! You can spot them in winter at bird feeders.

What do birds eat? The Chaffinch

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