Bird Box 2019 Week 4 -Looking out for birds this spring!

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Bird Box 2019 Week 4 -Looking out for birds this spring!


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Easter 2018 Report

Spring is the time when most birds start planning ahead for the breeding season and while most will still be setting up breeding territories or finding a mate, early breeding species such as blackbird, collared dove and robin, may already have eggs or young chicks.

Species that have their chicks early, rely on the weather being warm and sunny, so there is plenty of food around to feed their young and here we can all play a helping hand. Why not make and hang a simple bird feeder outside? If you do this it is quite possible besides attracting blackbirds, sparrows and blue tits that you may also attract larger birds including jackdaws, starlings and if you live near woods even a great spotted woodpecker!

What food should I leave out on the bird feeder?

Sunflower hearts and black sunflower seeds are both high-energy products but are quite expensive. Cheaper seed mixes containing cereal are popular with sparrows and pigeons but higher quality mixes with lower grain content are more suitable for finches.

High-quality peanuts in a mesh feeder can attract both woodpeckers and nut hatches, and mealworms are great for ground feeders such as robins.

Whatever you put out, always ensure there is drinking water nearby and to reduce the risk of disease spreading regularly clean your feeder.

So go on, stop sitting around and start feeding the birds around you. The more food the birds around us can find then the healthier both the adults and their chicks will be over the coming weeks and months ahead.

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Bird Feeder (Top Left)     Blue Tit on nut feeder (Bottom Right)


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